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Interview with a Werewolf

First day of your life
The other day I interviewed Elder Maria Many Horses, the Alpha of the North America Wolves, and told her that I was confused about the designation of alpha. I had always heard that alphas were the biggest, strongest, most dominant and, oftentimes, the meanest wolves in the pack.

Elder Many Horses accepted my offer of coffee and settled across the kitchen table from me. “It is only human conception that an alpha wolf is the one who can dominate the other wolves by brute strength and fear. In any fight, especially a true dominance fight, both wolves will be injured. Werewolves have the same instinctive fear as wild wolves—that injury can equate to death even if you win the fight. So, the actual leadership is often passed along to the best qualified leader without bloodshed. Besides, the alpha position is more about caretaking than being taken care of.” She gave a little shrug. “Not many wolves are willing to shoulder the tremendous responsibilities inherent in the alpha position.”
Elder Many Horses on Power
“Besides, wolves are pack animals. We hunt cooperatively; the entire pack cares for the young; and we are extremely social animals. We need each other in order to not only survive, but to thrive. If we solved everything by fighting, our society would devolve into bloodshed and chaos.”

A puzzled frown drew my eyebrows tight. “What if you are directly challenged for the leadership position?”

All levity vanished from her face. “That has occurred in the past, and will most likely occur again in the future; however, one-on-one fights are as often won by cunning and intelligence as by brute strength.” She held up a hand to forestall my question then proceeded to answer what I had not yet asked. “Yes, strength counts, especially in that type of confrontation; however, prowess in all types of battles will win out against pure brute strength. The mind powers the body, regardless of how well-developed the body may be. The one who believes in what they fight for, will frequently win over one who simply fights to gain power.” A smile tipped the corners of her mouth up. “Knowing martial arts helps, too. It is an alpha’s responsibility to stay in shape and to keep our fighting skills honed.”

I refilled our coffee cups before I sat back down and asked another question. “What exactly does an alpha do?”

“We are leaders. Our number one priority is to ensure the safety of the entire pack. That means maintaining peace among the members—from the beta to the omega—and providing a niche for them in the pack’s hierarchy. That, also, means keeping our existence secret from humans, and being prepared to repel aggression from other Supernaturals; such as the situation we’re facing now with the Vampire War. That may mean negotiating a peace or it may mean fighting. The alpha has to consider both options.”

She sipped her coffee, a thoughtful look on her face. I took a chocolate chip cookie from the plate and nibbled it as I waited for her to continue.

“As for keeping our existence secret from the human population. Well, technology has made that more difficult. The only way we can survive is to adapt and change, and the alpha has to lead the way. If there are wolves in the pack who can’t adapt then it’s the alpha’s duty to relocate them where they can live without risk of exposing our species. For the rest of the wolves, a leader has to find ways for them to integrate successfully in the human world. Remember that an alpha’s mantra has to be ‘all things for the greater good’.”

“So, mainstream culture has it all wrong about werewolves?”

A gentle smile stretched her lips and crawled up to her dark eyes. “All of those myths that were so carefully seeded among humans have kept my People safe for millennia. And, they still do. Tell me, who in popular culture would expect the werewolf leader to be a woman of mature years?”

“Is alpha usually a hereditary position?”

“Werewolf succession is neither bloodline bound nor gender bound. Many times in our Story, however, you will note that the best leaders were the biological or the adopted heirs of the current alpha.”

“What about your family?” I dipped another cookie in my coffee and ate the delicious gooeyness as I waited for her to respond.

“I demonstrated alpha qualities at the age of two. Eventually, I took over from my father who had taken over from my grandmother and so on for the past seven generations. My daughter, however, shows beta qualities rather than alpha. My adopted daughter will succeed me as alpha.”

“What if someone issues a dominance challenge?”

Elder Many Horses lips pursed as if she tasted something bitter. “Then she will answer the challenge. Bloodshed and death are always possibilities, not only in werewolf succession but in life; especially, when great power is the prize.” She sat straighter in her chair and locked gazes with me. “I believe she will win any challenge. She has trained since the age of three and she has great strength. I speak not only of the physical, but also of mental and psychological and spiritual strength. If she must fight, she would be fighting to protect our People. There is no more noble objective; and it is one for which she would gladly die, or live. Just as I do.”

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Dissertation: The Truth about Vampires

In the Secret Archives of The Matriarch
Dissertation: The Truth about Vampires
By Serena Longer, First Councilwoman of the North American Vampire Coalition

Through the millennia vampires have had to propagate certain falsehoods for their safety, and the safety of humans closely associated with them. Here is a brief, and true, history of the vampire race, and the establishment of the North American Families.

When Cain murdered his sister, Abella, he and his children then attempted to eradicate Abella’s progeny. They cruelly hunted the children, murdering and torturing any they found. Their rationalization for such extreme actions was that Abella’s children followed a false diety, the Great Mother.

Artemis, Protector of the Vulnerable, intervened. She granted certain powers to Abella’s children, making them no longer fully human: superior strength, superior speed, superior intelligence, superior senses, some magical abilities, and near immortality.

In return for the Warrior Goddess’ protection, an agreement was made between the children of Abella and Artemis. This agreement was thereafter referred to as The Goddess Gifted Purpose, usually referred to as simply The Purpose.

According to The Purpose, Abella’s children would use their gifts in an attempt to guide and protect Cain’s progeny. They were to try to bring about the salvation of human souls by helping them to evolve beyond their genetic predisposition to murder and destroy not only other two-legged, sentient beings, but the other beings, such as animals, birds, even the trees and the Earth Mother as well.

Five hundred years after The Purpose was set out, a number of vampire families fell away from The True Path of Artemis. They began to use their ability to enthrall, and to enslave, humans and to treat all humans with contempt. Certain powerful vampire families made it known as to what they were, and often left drained human bodies where they died.

Panic among the human population ensued and years of bloody fighting occurred. This was the time of The Great Fall. Artemis’ People not only fell from The True Path, but also many of the Ancients and Teachers were murdered either by powerful vampires wanting to usurp their authority or by panicked bands of humans. Humans rioted through many vampire estates burning and beheading.

At this time there arose a type of human, from Cain’s descendants, who wielded magical powers. These magical powers consisted of various talents such as the ability to use the mind to light fires, read other human minds, guard against enthrallment by vampires, superior leadership skills, great strategic minds, the ability to recognize supernaturals, and the ability to break vampire enthrallment of other humans. These humans were often longer lived by several hundred years than normal humans and continued to develop the strength of their talents as they aged. They also experienced no human tendency toward disease or disability.

Once enthralled humans were released of their vampire enthrallment, they could not be re-enthralled. Shortly after the human’s release, the human went mad with bloodlust toward vampires and set out to kill all vampires. This condition was called vamp-kill-crazy. They had the ability to recognize vampires on sight, though they could not recognize other supernaturals.

Entire vampire families were wiped out during the time of The Great Fall. Eventually, vampires hid, and the humans who once knew what they were died off, as humans are prone to do.

Vampires became more cautious for a long time, taking what they needed, but no more. Many returned to The True Path and the Teachings of Artemis.

Another several hundreds of years of relative peace and prosperity for vampires followed. Until The Time of Hunting. Human history notes this era as the Dark Ages. Old legends were revived and the few humans who were magic-wielders emerged to lead the human populace against the vampire race, again.

During this time, some vampires fled Europe, and the ones who remained went deep underground. They often passed themselves off as human.

After the hysteria died down, The Time of Hunting came to an end. The vampire population was once again decimated. The families who survived created the World Council of Vampires and set out certain rules of conduct known as the Edicts of the World Council.

Among the Edicts of the World Council the first and most stringent one was against Open Enthrallment. The Policy of Open Enthrallment said it was a vampire’s right to enthrall humans who would then provide sustenance for the vampire and his/her family. This was much like the keeping of cattle among humans. Once the human grew too old or too ill to provide sustenance they were killed. Furthermore, selected humans could be turned against their will. The Edict was named The Policy Against Open Enthrallment. The Edict provided standards for–under strict guidelines governing who could be enthralled, as well as who could be turned–the keeping of humans.

The second most important edict to be released by the World Council was The Edict of Mythology. This edict decreed that all vampires propagate certain mythologies concerning supernaturals, and especially concerning vampires.

These mythologies served several purposes. The most important ones were to misdirect human recognition of vampires, and to cause humans to believe that vampires were nothing more than stories told to frighten children.

Among the mythologies are the most popularly believed ones:
Vampires are destroyed by sunlight.
Vampires cannot go into a church, or other holy edifice.
Vampires must sleep in coffins, sometimes with the dirt from their homeland.
Holy water, and other holy artifacts can physically harm, and sometimes destroy, vampires.
Vampires must kill in order to stay healthy.
Vampires are cold to the touch.
Vampires have no heartbeat.
Vampires do not breathe.
Vampires do not have souls.
Vampires cannot propagate, except by ‘turning humans.’

There are, of course, many other mythologies, usually depending on the location.

The World Council, however, refused to enforce The Purpose. It was decided that such matters must lie within the realm of each vampire’s Family. So, religious freedom was born among the Children of Abella, at least, at the level of the Matriarch or the Patriarch of the specific Vampire Family.

As Families grew, they frequently migrated to other parts of the world. Strong vampires within a Family were either killed or released to found their own Families.

Entire territories were claimed by the strongest vampires. The Longer Family claimed the North American Territory, which consisted of what came to be known as the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico.

Over time, the Matriarch led in a progressive movement to give limited autonomy to Families established within the North American Territory. A council was established, The North American Vampire Coalition. The head of the territory, and ultimate voice of authority remained the Matriarch.

The First Councilwoman wielded authority second only to the Matriarch, and often handled the normal business of governing forty Vampire Families. The head of each Vampire Family was named as that Family’s councilperson. The councilperson met periodically with the First Councilwoman to handle disputes and other business.

Upon the death of the Matriarch, the power and title of that position would automatically fall to the First Councilwoman. The First Councilwoman’s female child would inherit the First Councilwoman position.

This paper is an overview of the history of the founding of the Vampire Race and the establishment of the North American Vampire Coalition.

See other entries in the Secret Archive of the Matriarch for further information and additional subjects.