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Street Harvest

What do the bodies of two young children have in common with the murders of two adult men? Eleanor Hasting, a black bookstore owner and child advocate, knows these killings are linked. How can she convince Lieutenant Michael Williams, head of the Special Crimes Team? Someone is abducting street children and their bodies are showing up sexually abused and manually strangled. Psychic and member of Missing Children’s Rescue, Jaimie Wolfwalker, is prepared to do whatever it takes to locate and rescue the missing street children. The law be damned. Jaimie’s attitude and methods place her on a collision course with Sergeant Nita Slowater, second-in-command of the Special Crimes Team. Four dedicated people struggle to come to terms with each other in their desperate search for clues. Every day brings more missing children, more young bodies. Can they stop the monsters before another child disappears?

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Street Harvest Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Her best yet!, March 6, 2014
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This review is from: Street Harvest (Special Crimes Team) (Kindle Edition)
I have been a fan of Aya Walksfar since I read “Dead Men and Cats.” Since then I’ve read all her books. Every one of them is good, but this is the best. I’ve never read a book about crime solving that was so full of appropriately-related and meaningful “other things.” She brings in Native American spirituality, a young but wise-beyond-her-years seer, and strong children, to name a few of those “other things.” And The Sisterhood–my favorite!I love strong women characters; women are not given nearly enough credit in this world. Nor are they always allowed to step up the way Aya’s characters do. Bravo to Aya on an entertaining and meaningful novel!All the while keeping her readers’ interest, she draws our attention to the critical problem of our missing children. In this country (USA), which professes to adore children, something stinks.