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Dead Men and Cats

The quiet, agricultural community of Shadow Island is suddenly beset by violence. A dead man and a live calico kitten are discovered floating in an old rowboat in Shallow Point Cove. Then Dan Uley’s bookstore is firebombed. With a black cat. Both men were gay. Sheriff Johnson, known to have harsh feelings toward gays, makes no progress in catching the culprit. Megan Albright and Janie Sampson, a lesbian couple and long-time residents, fear the rash of violence is not over, and question the sheriff’s commitment to investigating the crimes. When their friend, Dan, is gruesomely murdered, they know time is running out to find this killer for there is no telling who will be the next to die. But, they never thought the trail would lead to a well-liked young man.

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Review by: Cate Agosta on July 26, 2013 : star star star star star
This novella is a debut work for this Author. I also have to mention for those overly sensitive folks again, that this book does deal with matters relating to the LGBT community, so if you have issues with sexual orientation you may not want to read further. Regardless, or even because of this, I feel this Author may well be on their way to having their book spines rubbing covers with Hazel Holt and Laura Childs in the cozy mystery genre.

This is a cozy mystery of the best kind in this genre that I have read in a long time. The main character leads are both women, life partners, who just fit so comfortably into the role that this type of book demands of its ‘heroines’. They are both extremely well written and well developed characters, with their back stories being leaked to us bit by bit as we progress through the novella. There is no sudden rush of information, and no changing of the pace of the way of life these characters live, and at which pace the book was written. They were so well written I wanted to drop by and visit with them, the next time I headed North through WA State; they were the kind of people I would gladly count as my friends, and enjoy becoming involved in adventures with.

The descriptions of the Puget Sound and surrounding area were exactly as they are in reality. I live in this area so I was able to visualise where things were, or intended to be. I could see the areas of Seattle that were described; walking the streets and driving the causeway over to the Islands.

Like all books of this genre, it is fast paced and laced with twists and turns that make you think. The Author also puts a lot of emphasis on her plot development, which is apparent throughout. This is a gentle book with no graphic violence, profanity or explicit sexual scenes, and with the deaths contained within its pages happening out of the pages, instead of us having to live through each gruelling blow. This novella does have one major difference to the usual cozy mystery, and that is the victims did not deserve to die. To go into this more would be to have reveal spoilers, so to find out exactly what I mean you will have to read the novella.

I would highly recommend this book to all lovers of the mystery genre, cozy or not, as it is a fast paced novella, with several twists leading to a surprising conclusion. I am looking forward to seeing if the female leads in this novella make an appearance in future works by this Author.

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Review by: Elizabeth A. Garcia on May 13, 2013 : star star star star star
I enjoyed this well-written story. The characters are believable, and you get a feel for them right away. I am in awe of how the author developed such a good mystery in so few words. That is a sign of a very talented writer. I will be anxiously awaiting the next one!
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Review by: K R Morrison on May 10, 2013 : star star star star star
Shadow Island is such a peaceful place to live. Not on the regular tourist routes, it is a safe, quiet place for its denizens to live and love as they wish.

Until the hate crimes start.

A cat with its fur on fire, let loose in a bookstore.

A man found dead in a rowboat, a small calico kitten desperately clinging to safety.

And the worst thing, a well-known and well-loved businessman found murdered in his home, a cruelly-mutilated cat strewn across his body.

Who is doing these heinous things in such a peaceful place? And, since the local sheriff has voiced negative opinions about the targets of these crimes, can he be considered a good choice for finding and bringing in the murderers?

Janie and Megan have their own ideas of who might be responsible, and, even thought they have been friends with the sheriff all their lives, they do not think that he will allow his job duties to overcome his prejudices. They take it on themselves to probe every clue and question every suspect that comes their way.

Questions get answers under their unprofessional yet productive methods, and secrets revealed, until the mystery is solved and Shadow Island can return to its peaceful existence.

This is a brilliantly-written story. I loved the characters; they were so very real. Their relationships, cast in such warm, caring light by the author, was such a wonderful counterbalance to the terrible crimes that were committed. Even everyday actions, such as having dinner, were detailed out in such a way as to make the reader feel at home. Safe.

The crimes could have been committed against any group of people who seem different due to color, gender, foreign origins, etc. What the big thing is, and what the story relates, is this: love will still conquer all. No amount of bullying or hate crimes will ever change that.
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Denise Beaumont reviewed Dead Men & Cats

A Good Read Novella October 19, 2013
Had a hard time putting this novella down once I started reading. Aya tells a good story with mystery to it that keeps you guessing until the end about “who done it?” Am looking forward to reading many more by this author.
Author Chantal Bellehumeur reviewed Dead Men & Cats

Well writen novel August 22, 2013
Aya is a very good writer who knows how to bring her characters to life. She also describes scenery with the perfect words. I enjoyed reading this touching murder mystery. I just have to point out that this particular book deals with homosexual matters, so I only recommend it for those who are capable of keeping an open mind about sexual orientation.
Joyce Hertzoff reviewed Dead Men & Cats

Terrific mystery August 12, 2013
The mystery is intriguing, and so are the characters. What’s the connection between the dead men and cats in this town in the northwest?I recommend this great read by Aya Walksfar.
Margaret Minetti reviewed Dead Men & Cats

wonderful book July 16, 2013
well written and thought out, enjoyed it very much. author doesn’t talk down to reader, but explains details well.good job.
pwindsinspirations reviewed Dead Men & Cats
Very good suspense thriller June 22, 2013
This book will have you staying up to finish it. The author knows how to keep you turning pages! I can’t wait to see more written by her!
booklover “booklover” reviewed Dead Men & Cats

Fun, fast mystery! May 13, 2013
I enjoyed this well-written story. The characters are believable, and you get a feel for them right away. I am in awe of how the author developed such a good mystery in so few words. That is a sign of a very talented writer. I will be anxiously awaiting the next one!