Guess which of my novels these headlines apply to and win a free copy of my latest Special Crimes Team novel, Twisted Minds!


–Woman eats people!

–Terrorists take over White House!

–After 30 years woman discovers true identity!

–Runaway kid battles pedophile!

–2 women battle racists in small town!

–Women expose police corruption!

–Renegade cops bust serial killer!

–Psychic tracks kidnapped children!

–Raid saves 40 puppies!

–85-year old woman outwits killer!

–20-year old secret rips family apart!

–Women warriors save humanity!

–Girl saves horse from slaughter!

The first ten to send the correct answers–or the most correct answers–to win a pdf of my latest book, Twisted Minds, Special Crimes Team. Winners will be announced on my blog on Labor Day Weekend! Winners will be determined by time and date stamps on emails. ALL decisions final.

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One thought on “WIN FREE E-BOOK!

  1. Bill Heath

    I will begin reading your books shortly. I am addicted to good mystery, along with a couple of other genres, and greatly admire its writers. Deva’s cover for Twisted Minds led me to use his services myself, and to commit to future work with him. Through Deva, I found you.

    Your description of women whose issues are not based on trivial or superficial issues has me intrigued. I want to get better at writing characters whose issues are based on nonstandard cliched issues. I expect to learn a lot from you. Thaks


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