Sketch Of a Murder

The Avenger eludes three police departments and leaves a trail of mutilated bodies. Hot-tempered Sergeant Nita Slowater must catch the killer.

Nita clashes with her superior, Lieutenant Michael Williams, from day one. What’s with the man? She remind him of his ex-wife or is it something deeper?

Tension mounts as the body count rises.

Then the Avenger communicates with Dawn Samira. Forced to be liaison with the pushy, lesbian reporter Nita’s in no mood to play nice. A reporter got her best friend killed.

The only bright spot in Nita’s life is her unlikely friendship with a homeless, black artist, Molly the Pack Lady. Buried within the pages of Molly’s sketchpad, lies the key to the killer’s identity. Will Nita find it before an innocent man becomes the Avenger’s next victim?

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